The Adventure Of 3D Printing

Technology has taken a different route to surpassing cross-country marathons. Technology today is air and oxygen for all. We breathe, sleep, read and live on technology. It has impacted our lives and plays a very important role since everything is handicapped without it.

The evolution of technology has introduced a “visual wonder” called 3D printing. 3D printing uses a smart integrated technology that produces 3-D objects.

The next question that pops our mind is how useful is this technology and who is the most benefited?

These days mostly 3D printing is used in the packaging, automotive, aircraft and health industries. It will surely be introduced to other segments as well but since the advent is in its nascent stage (well not nascent) it will soon be used and benefitted in other industries as well.

In order to understand the power of 3D printing lets understands the benefits :

Minimize threat — consider a situation where you are asked to submit a project –you have to run errands to collect all that is required and then risk your effort and create, if that does not work or meet your expectation, you have to repeat the procedure again –unless you are completely satisfied. 3D printing helps you print a test prototype to make sure of what you are looking for is satisfactory. Thereafter you can take the printing call. This, fortunately, gives you an opportunity to amend, edit and be sure before you invest in the expensive model.

Can be Tailor-made  —  Manufacturers are welcoming 3D printing since they are able to reduce the manufacturing costs and eliminate another process which was time-consuming and laborious ( such as creating the cast, weld, polish etc). The manufacturer can employ only one designer to create the end product and cut down his expenses by 80%.

It is surprising is that 3D printing will become possible for all. The quality and speed of their production will increase as they will be able to support more demand.

Be part of it — one can create design which were otherwise a faraway call. We have been holding on to our traditional design methods and were till recent past depended on moulds and metal which were shaped as desired. This was fine until such time when designer imagined abstract shapes and multifaceted figures. The advent of 3D printing and usage of needles to create definite and imaginative shapes provided a strong base for imaginative-structural interface. Not only did we manage to resolve our hiccups or answer futuristic solutions, but we have started to proudly produce “wow” frames and exclusive shaped artifacts, statues, designs, furniture, accessories etc. 3 D has definitely opened up endless possibilities for our unlimited imaginative thoughts!

Highly accessible  — The world is changing and so is the mindset of people. A satisfactory lot of people have started to think and understand ways to use 3 D printing. They are told that one can produce similar effects as 3 D pens. These are not 3 D pens but more advanced ones. Many people who can understand and get themselves trained can easily use the nozzle. However, they will find out the best way to use it. Advanced countries are using it all over, however, India is not behind. Our designers and manufacturers are already creating waves very soon they will be showcasing their talent to the world.

Superb Finish  — It is indeed quite a cumbersome task to come up with the best model at first go. Often we tend to give up since we have to start from the beginning. 3D printing is something that can be used as the final output developer. Not only it offers the opportunity to correct, but also saves money by allowing the designer to mold/ remold. It is just like an art –think -create –set-rethink and create!

3D printing reinventing the designing and creativity aspect of the world.