5 Benefits of 3D Printing to Give Your Business a Flip

5 Benefits of 3D Printing to Give Your Business a Flip

In 1986, when Charles W. Hull, also known as Chuck Hull, created a 3D system, he revolutionized business. He invented and coined the term stereo lithography which initially involved using UV light to harden tabletop coatings. It was first dismissed as a process lacking business potential but he went on to win the European Inventor Award in 2014.

Hull soon figured out that any material that can undergo solidification or changes in its physical state can be used to mold it into any desired object. Businesses have now grabbed on to this concept to optimize it for the market.

3D printers can now bring in the final product to the market! Let’s look at the business benefits:

1. 3D Printing is Cost Effective:

The man power used to create a final product has reduced with 3D Printing. This technology uses fewer processing steps, smaller assembly line and less energy. Due to its efficient production, the waste generated is less thereby conserving resources. We also note that 3D printing doesn’t require printing products in large quantities which in turn cut inventory cost to a large extent. Besides this, travel time has reduced since you get a lot for less with this technological boon. This in turn reduces carbon footprint.

2. 3D Printing Uses Multiple Materials:

This versatile technology uses any material that can alter its physical shape to turn into any object of desire. Industries began experimenting with this unique technology. There were 3D printed hearing aids, to an astute reproduction of Tutankhamen’s mummified remains. Lately, people have also been testing the probability of bring in 3D printed body parts. The medical sector is also keen on looking at 3D printing to provide a new lease of life.

Since the machines have become more efficient and reliable, materials such as ceramics, marble powder, titanium, gold, silver etc, can be used to print out objects. We have come a long way from using only plastic about 20 years ago.

3. Creating Complex and Intricate Components:

Molding and machining doesn’t provide the flexibility to create complicate structures to a large extent. There are flaws in the process that 3D Printing can eliminate. People can experiment with creating randomized shapes to test the ability of the machine. This technology is particularly important in the aerospace industry where complex objects need to be created and optimized for better functioning. In the engineering sector, utilizing 3D Printing Consulting for bringing out complex prototypes has been a boon. The end product is not only cost effective, but also strong and long lasting.

4. Eliminating Supply-Chain Risk:

In a normal supply chain, the issues come with the product, the travel, the timeline that now is combined into a 3D printer.

A major positive aspect of 3D printing services is that people can now have the entire product at their doorstep without having to worry about multiple chains in between. Printing spare parts and combining them together to get the finish product is a luxury like no other. This has reduced costs and time to a large extent. A final product can be designed, directly tested, printed and delivered. This has given a boost to a lot of businesses who can now sit at a remote location and set up a virtual business.

5. Better Quality and Environmentally Safe:

3D printing brings with it quality output. Majority of the businesses do not consider waste disposal that adversely affect the natural and the urban environment. Engineering industries, textile and other miscellaneous industries generate tons of waste every year that get harder to dispose and reuse. With 3D printing, the quality output brings with it, lesser waste generation due to efficient and smart use of resources.

The potential of 3D Printing Services is rising at a large scale. This is something that will be in huge demand in the coming years. Experimenting and exploration processes are conducted just to bring out new innovations in the market.