Design Industry In India

Design Industry In India

What is the condition of the design industry in India?

The Indian design industry has witnessed high growth in recent times with the rise in demand for corporate as well as Industrial segments. Most of the design investors are estimating an overall growth to US$ 90 billion by 2025 with tier 1 and 2 cities being the prime beneficiaries.

The design is undoubtedly one of the most authoritative and dominating sectors which outlines values and comes across as a specialization which is favourable together for community and well as a commercial organization. This article is dedicated to that design enthusiast who is keen on discovering these broader indices of the proposal as a vital human action and shall definitely like to spread its submission across all social traditional and financial activities.

Arguably, design Industry has detonated in reputation in the recent years. It is simple to tell that the design-trend is mounting since there is evidence of the acceptance and growth. We can see more websites, social media pages, blogs and even brick and mortar stores starting to cater to designs in India — updating and competing on the latest trends and ideas.

India has been overlooking and flouting the rules of the design community and its establishments. One cannot confirm that the design fraternity is disregarded and its needs are overlooked. .Individual designers and clusters of design instructors have been bravely talking about their labour to deliver and endorse among two hundred and twenty-eight segments of our low-cost economy.

The design print media has not been covering Sporadic sessions, journals, newsletters from the internal design exploration community and they rarely reach the larger audience and design expert themselves seem to grip the short-lived. In case they do their work meticulously, their work would speak on its own.

Additionally, to understand design is a diverse activity — tough for some since most of what is offered forms a segment which is indiscernible in the form of performance It is time we start strategizing values that can be completely noticeable through comprehensive scrutiny, reflective contemplation, and participation.

But are there any real statistics to back it up?

Indian Design Industry is progressing well and in the recent years, is included in the world stage, for we have some of the best product, apparel, architectural, civil and other design connoisseurs as valuable assets.

How many designers are there in India?

Research conducted, states that there were 67388 designers who participated in their studies. Among these designers, 11% of them were indulged with landscaping or furniture design. Considering multiple types of design were included in the study (for example industrial, automotive, fashion and graphics to name a few), this percentage shows how the industry is on the rise.

How to register our presence permanently on the top?

In order to enhance, improve and reach out to the global clients, we need to exhibit our creativity in a very professional manner. Design to India is invaluable and a vital component both of economic development and social well-being. On many occasion, we experienced India being considered as one of the most competitive economical countries. Compared to top countries in terms of design, UK hits the list as a world leader in both creative and design school followed by others.

Indian design industries employ over 7.12% of our whole economy and have a noticeable presence in the world design map. We are not only known as a Design Industry, but also for being reasonably priced for creating “out of the blue” design concepts. To add to this, India Design technology has created hundreds of job opportunities.

The design is one of the vital ingredients and as well a crucial component which harnesses the cumulative asset of a country and needs to be nurtured at all stages. India has great talent and hence its designers devise various solutions to drive the design industry on their home turf and globally.

What is the need of the hour?

What India needs is a proper method of design education which shall eventually deliver effective services. We also need the methods of design education so we are able to inform the training of other faculties of learning. In order to enhance the innovative capacity of the nation, we need to invest.

India has high potential and the demand for a new belt of design industry is enormous. In order to encounter the difficulties of the upcoming or existing design industry, one needs to identify the best-reputed institutions which follow the international curriculum and create polished designers. We have in the recent years, successful in developing skilled designers, who have been well recognized and appreciated.

There is a huge scope. Designing branches into various categories such as product designing, technique design, architectural designing, latest gem & jewellery design, graphic art design, internal design, furniture-design, locomotive design, manufacturing design, animatronics & new media designing , scenery design, web design, exhibition design, set-up design , event designing to name a few.

Most of the design colleges ensure their student are exposed to various verticals such as training by industry experts , new opportunities for industry internship , interaction with industry advocates , personal attention & guidance, active participation in exhibitions ,events, festivals both on local and international ground, participation in regular workshops, seminars, and industry visits , exposure to problem solving skills while working on live projects , study in creative environment, multiple placement assistance.