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Is Mumbai the talent hub of India?

Mumbai attracts the best and brightest talent from all over!

A simple analysis of supply & demand was conducted just for the purpose of research; this was done in order to understand and analyze the probable answers to the question above - Is Mumbai the skill talent hub of India?

"Mumbai” can also be described as "the State” which actively scales across various verticals yet exploring the in-depth psychology of people. There is enough evidence which proves that Mumbai transiting from simple talent bank to it's to Authoritative transformations

This is the era of steady-state organizations, where assessments to impact one's business is directly proportional to the organizational progress.

Debating on how and why business transformations fail in some state and how some flourishes is quite interesting. Mumbai is an optimistic state. Nearly 88% of people residing in Mumbai are in some way or the other employed. Additionally, increase in support of the educational establishments and collaboration with International Institutes and Universities have reflected in terms of opportunities that they have had so far.

Two most dynamic trend that has stamped Mumbai as the skill talent hub is its Diversity and Reinventing educational offerings.

What makes Mumbai’s approach to skills talent different from others? What differentiates Mumbai? The answer is quite simple – Mumbai in recent times has adopted a different approach to support unlimited demand and have been offering the right support at the right time to close the offer and improve productivity. Mumbai industries and institutions are working on skill upgrading and are doing it passionately. They have been successful by engaging government bodies in various capacities to provide a full proof support system. Hence this move has proved pivotal in the large skill talent acquisition.

Mumbai provides Education ladders and Mega Education ladders and stretches its principle to long leaps through impactful and substantive responsibility. One can consider it as a game of snake & ladder. To make clear defined career pathways –institutes in Mumbai have angled their origin as far as possible, keeping acquisition of talent a way of development, engagement, and retention.

We have witnessed organizations who turnaround mostly limp or fall. It is not surprising that organizations rise in response to changing needs. However, the bottom line is well-established. Firms need quality resource and solid contributors and leaders.

Mumbai has proved itself as a talent hub and the two key factors cementing its foundation are – how close it is in planning the future vision and how it accommodates changes and challenges inability. Industries and other segment have reinvented to create differentiating values for both supply and demand segments. One can only acquire these if we are ready to accept the change.

Mumbai undoubtedly has sped up the change and so has business support, which is continuously evolving and changing.

Our resource economy is one of the principal elements globally. It is the 3rd largest in procuring capacity. Mumbai has been regarded as “THE” newly developed state, and the wealth distribution has observed an enormous increase - this positions Mumbai as the skill talent hub of India ahead of other metro cities!

Undoubtedly Mumbai is the land of dreams – a land which promises fame, fun, and film above everything else. Who would not want to stay study or work in Mumbai?

It is quite obvious to assume, that the most famous State develop unbeaten skill would itself enjoy influential demand overflow. On the other hand, Indian politics and officious interfering have many a times negotiated the demand –but that has not been able to demean or drown the aspiring new career institutions like the top IT institutes and Management colleges. These institutes are continuously nurturing talent and brilliant minds every year, though it is perplexing but at times they fight & survive the challenges and hence emerge as winners

There are evidence and research studies which shows brilliant young talents have fled in part to other regions and offshore, yet Mumbai’s corporate and research environment has always succeeded in valuing and compensate them for their talents.

Mumbai experiences round up mobility – mostly Upward mobility – which means people move in the city from other places in search of better opportunities, lifestyle, secured life and of course heavier pay packet and prestige.

Between 1999 and 2013, more than 52,000 high-income Mumbai families immigrated and chose not to move out or settle because of the multiple opportunities, education quality, high-end institutions create enormous verticals. A quick survey estimates that over 76% of Mumbai Indians have expressed a desire not to move even after lucrative offers.

What is required is true governance and right direction - IIT may be a victim of its own success, with the government duplicates the academy in Mumbai state (6 new ones since early 90’s).

Mumbai requires a strong culture of modernism, future-oriented development, risk-taking, and enormous communication improvements to nurture the growth of high-paying career further— a career that neighboring state is eager to pilfer. Unfortunately, these circumstances need to be nurtured with great care and strong vision in coming days.

Today, Mumbai is considered, the largest markets with “top” talent pool (as supported by various surveys and audits) and is the workplace support of the Global organizations.